meet your
nano address

like you've never seen before.

Hero Mobile

how does it

we take your nano address, apply some math, and it magically turns into natricon.

Natricon Formula Mobile
Introduction Video

exchanges? services? nodes?
we have a badge for it.

so, you can identify the category of an address at a glance.

Exchange Badge
Service Badge
Node Badge
Donor Badge

available on
natrium & nanocrawler

coming soon to more nano services.

Nanocrawler Account Nanocrawler Send

& free

check out our code, see if you like it. contribute to it. it’s free. if you like it, you can donate to keep us going. donations of 2 nano will get a donor badge for 1 month.

Open-source and Free Mobile

wanna integrate

let’s get you started. it’ll be a breeze.

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